Man as a starting point for good care, so that these are for both employee and care recipient healthier and more humane.


Niveb stands for innovation in healthcare, both in word and in deed. In recent years we have often heard the following statements: “Working in health care is heavy!” “There is too little health care staff.” “The patient is no longer central!” How nice would it be if you could change these three things for the better with just one method?

  • Kortrijk
    Bedankt voor het aanreiken van de nieuwe methode tot verplaatsen, zonder of veel minder kracht/inspanning
    BE 2017-01
  • Mönchengladbach
    Door deze cursus krijgt men een hele andere kijk op je verpleegkundige handelen. Aan te bevelen.
    DE 2017-02
  • Bedburg-Hau
    Ik ben positief verrast, hoe deze oefeningen je dagelijkse werk kunnen verlichten.
    DE 2018-05


Niveb takes care of this change in health care. How? By providing training in which people with their typical characteristics are central. A person who moves, thinks, searches, finds and is autonomous. A person as a team player, a social being: qualities that are so important in health care but also outside. Let people move, think and act like people to positively influence the health of employees and patients. This way we make health care more efficient together.

Niveb challenges you to become even more efficient by putting people at the center.